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Retail Lotte GFR

Lotte GFR spans from fashion to beauty sectors,
continually undergoing change and innovation,
striving to add more value to customers' lives.


About US


LOTTE Global Fashion Retail From fashion to beauty, Lotte GFR, at the heart of global trends, strives to introduce the finest lifestyle and new trends to domestic customers.
Since its official launch in June 2018, Lotte GFR has steadily grown, expanding its brand business in various directions, from fashion to beauty.
Lotte GFR will continue challenging itself to realize higher value, ensuring that customers' lives become more beautiful and enriched through constant change and innovation beyond expectations.

  • CEOMinwook Shin
  • Date of foundation2018.6.1
  • Major BusinessClothing Manufacturing, Import and Sale of Clothing, Accessories, and Cosmetics
  • Address320 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Kookmin Second Building, Lotte GFR
  • Phone02-6250-7500

Major products and services



    Nice Claup, a women's contemporary fashion brand symbolizing modernity and refined outfits, showcases collections each season that blend contemporary designs, high-quality materials, and minimal silhouettes.


    "Cool the Earth, Warm the People"

    Founded in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, Canada Goose is a globally recognized performance luxury lifestyle brand and a leading manufacturer of high-performance apparel.

    As a brand for all seasons, Canada Goose products range from parkas that withstand the harsh conditions of the Arctic to lightweight jackets, windwear, apparel, and accessories, all imbued with functionality.

    Canada Goose commits to sustainability and the value of its brand, based on relentless innovation and uncompromising 'Made in Canada' craftsmanship.


    Under the artistic direction of Nigo, the French fashion house brand KENZO embraces the meeting of East and West as its brand ideology, proposing 'Real-To-Wear' that can be enjoyed in everyday life.


    KENZO Kids develops collections that draw inspiration from the adult collection while also incorporating child-specific elements through KENZO's iconic symbols, such as elephants and tigers etc.

    These collections feature bright colors and lively patterns, conveying positive energy and a free-spirited style that embraces both nature and cultural diversity.

  • K-WAY

    K-Way®, the world's first 'windbreaker' brand,

    It was established in Paris, France, in 1965 as a premium lifestyle brand. It was inspired by the discomfort of using umbrellas on rainy days, which led to the creation of more convenient clothing.

    It is the only fashion brand to be recognized as a proprietary noun for 'windbreaker' in the French dictionary, boasting the brand's heritage and originality.


    Bimba Y Lola is a contemporary brand infused with a modern and youthful spirit, started in Spain in 2005.

    Founded by the animal-loving designers Uxía and Maria Dominguez.

    The brand was named after their Spanish greyhounds 'Bimba' and 'Lola'. It presents delightful collections characterized by unique patterns and a diverse color palette.


    "Let me gift you beautiful makeup that lights up the world."

    Charlotte Tilbury, a star makeup artist from the UK, is beloved for her unique makeup techniques that cater to all ages.

    From the brand-launching 'Magic Cream' in 2013 to the iconic nude pink tone 'Pillow Talk' and the seductive red carpet look 'Walk of No Shame', she promotes 'easy-to-use, easy-to-choose, easy-to-gift.'