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Lifetime Value Creator


A global group creating a better life for all mankind.
LOTTE continues to challenge itself to realize this ambitious dream.


LOTTE has introduced a new corporate identity that visualizes its vision of being a “Lifetime Value Creator”


LOTTE’s new “Value Line” logo boldly illustrates its vision
and its commitment to providing new and unexpected value in every moment of your life.

The new logo can be interpreted as any one of the three letters L, V, or C, which stand for Lifetime Value Creator.
The dot represents the starting point of your life, while the line represents the path it will take together with LOTTE.
The round, diamond-shaped backdrop framing the symbol is modeled after the base of LOTTE World Tower.
The symbol itself, which at first glance resembles an L, symbolizes LOTTE’s modesty, dynamic spirit, and originality.

Symbol Mark

LOTTE Group’s symbol mark represents the group’s
brand image and is the most crucial visual element.

LOTTE Group’s symbol mark
Logo Type

The logo is a stylized interpretation of the English and Korean names of
LOTTE Group’s holding company and its affiliates.

LOTTE Group’s symbol mark

This signature is a combination of the symbol mark and logo design.
They can be positioned side by side or one above the other, depending on the medium.

LOTTE Group’s symbol mark
Application of Symbol Mark

These examples show how to use the symbol mark to maximize its visual effect in each medium.

심볼마크 활용형 예시
Margin and Size Requirements

When used alone, the symbol mark requires a clear margin to distinguish it from other visual elements and avoid compromising its identity.
Be sure to adhere to the combination requirements and ensure that the specified minimum margin is used in order to prevent other letters or graphic elements from overlapping with the symbol mark.

A. Minimum Margin 최소공간 규정
B. Minimum Size
최소사이즈 규정

The symbol mark can be reduced by up to 3 mm only when the product itself is overly small (e.g. LOTTE Confectionery and LOTTE Card products)

Color Requirements

Default colors include CMYK (process colors), Pantone colors (spot colors), and RGB colors.
Our CI utilizes a main color and sub color. The main color, LOTTE Red, is mainly applied to the wordmark and background.
The sub color should be Champagne Gold or Silver. Other colors can be used only if they are essential for highlighting the premium image of the LOTTE brand.

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