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Management System

What is "Compliance Management System"?

• A management system that aims to comply with all norms such as laws and regulations

Purpose of introducing Compliance management system

• Promotion of compliance management and ethical management by establishing the system that meets global standards

Compliance Policy

Lotte Corporation (the "Company") pledges to uphold the following compliance policies
to foster and embed a culture of compliance throughout its organization.

  • 01, In conducting the Company's business, the Company and its directors/employees shall comply with, and treat as a core priority, compliance with all domestic and foreign laws, policies, rules and procedures.
  • 02, The Company shall establish, operate and continuously improve a Compliance Management System detailing compliance objectives and means of execution.
  • 03, The Company shall exert efforts to reflect compliance requirements for its stakeholders (including, but not limited to its customers, directors/employees, business partners and shareholders) in its Compliance Management System.
  • 04, The Company's directors/employees shall immediately report any violations or risks of violations of this Compliance Policy to the Company. The Company shall protect and ensure that no disadvantages are imposed on any reporters.
  • 05, The Company shall apply a "Zero Tolerance" approach when directors/employees violate obligations under the Compliance Policy.
  • 06, The Company shall appoint a qualified Compliance Officer to operate the Compliance Management System. The Compliance Officer shall be guaranteed sufficient independence and discretion (including, but not limited to, the authority to communicate directly with the Executive Director and Board of Directors).
Section 1: Effective Date
This Policy shall become effective on May 25, 2023.