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Lifetime Value Creator


A global group creating a better life for all mankind.
LOTTE continues to challenge itself to realize this ambitious dream.


Group Vision

Lifetime Value Creator

Our Resolution for the Next 50 Years

To promote sustainable growth over the next 50 years, LOTTE has chosen to focus on qualitative growth and declared a new vision.
“Lifetime Value Creator” represents our resolution to make LOTTE a brand that provides our customers
with the very best value throughout their lives.

Guidelines on
Quality Growth

  • Create sustainable growth

    ‘Sustainability to survive in the future’Have a higher growth rate than the industry average

  • Create added economic value

    ‘Earnings based on fundamental competitiveness’Create greater added value than
    shareholders and creditors expect

  • Create future value

    ‘Preemptive activities and investments for the future’Make balanced investments in both the present and the future

  • Create social value

    ‘Growth and value creation for society’Progress and create value together with society

Management Policy

'What, Why, and How to Do?'

LOTTE’s Management Policy is a collection of our business insights and the basis of our business strategy to determine “what, why,
and how to do.”The key factors to success are competent human resources and excellent business strategies. LOTTE’s Management Policy
reinforces our management principles based on these two key factors.

  • Transparent Management

    Transparent and honest management to fulfill our social duties and responsibilities

  • Strengthening Core Competencies

    Strengthening core competencies
    in our main business areas and expanding
    their scope to related businesses

  • Value-Based Management

    Higher value for customers and
    sustainable profitability and value

  • On-Site Management

    Accurate evaluation and quick

Brand Value

  • Trust
    • LOTTE provides high-quality products and services.
    • LOTTE takes full responsibility for its products and services throughout their lifespan.
    • LOTTE provides accurate and reliable information.
    • LOTTE guarantees the safety of the environment, facilities and installations.
    • LOTTE fulfills all its social responsibilities.
  • Originality
    • LOTTE is clearly differentiated from other brands.
    • LOTTE provides a completely new experience.
    • LOTTE leads the trends and stays ahead of its time.
    • LOTTE satisfies customers’ hidden, unmet needs.
  • Pleasure
    • LOTTE aims to please customers with its products from purchase to end of service life.
    • LOTTE helps customers share pleasure with their loved ones.
    • LOTTE leads customers to feel comfortable and relaxed.
    • LOTTE improves our quality of life.