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Compliance Committee


Formation of the committee
The compliance committee is directly supervised by the chairman and is comprised of 7 members, the chairperson, 3 third-party members, and 3 internal company members. External committee members are experts in the legal or accounting field with specialized knowledge and the rest of the committee members are employees currently working in one of the subsidiary companies. The term for each committee member is 2 years, and can be extended.
Member Appointment Background
In order to ensure that the Compliance Committee operates effectively and professionally, we have appointed a highly qualified individual from outside the company with a strong background in law, and whom we trust greatly, as chairman. The external committee members that we appointed include a professor of business administration with expertise and knowledge of the field who is able to competently review issues in the financial field, and two lawyers who have accumulated experience in courts and prosecutor's offices. We appointed internal committee members that include specialists in the area of compliance, including HR management, tax accounting and legal affairs, in order to make comprehensive review possible.
Member Introduction
  • Chairman
    • NameIn-bok Lee
      TitleChairman, Lotte Compliance Committee
    • Work
      (former) Supreme Court justice
      (former) Chairman of the National Election Commission
      (former) Chief Judge, Chuncheon District Court
  • External Committee Members
    • NameSang Joon Kim
      TitleLaw firm KS&P’s representative lawyer
    • Work
      (Former) Professor at SNU and
      Yonsei University Law School.
      (Former) Seoul High Court Chief Judge
    • NameSam-hyun Song
      TitleThe representative lawyer of Gamdongeuro Law Firm
    • Work
      (Former) Prosecutor of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office.
      (Former) Chief Prosecutor's Office
    • NameInbae Kim
      TitleProfessor of Economics, EWHA Womans University
    • Work
      Macroeconomic Supervisory Board of Financial Supervisory Service
      (Former) Outside Director of KB Securities and Hana Bank
  • Internal Committee Members
    • NameJung uk Goh
      TitleDirector of Finance and Innovation at Lotte Holdings
    • Work
      (former) CEO of Lotte Capital.
      (former) Head of Lotte Capital's
      Management Strategy Headquarters
    • NameEun Jae Park
      TitleHead of Integrity Management Division,
      Lotte Group
    • Work
      (former) Busan High Prosecutors' Office prosecutor
      (former) Law firm Yulchon lawyer
    • NameDoo Hwan Park
      Title Director of HR Innovation at Lotte Holdings
    • Work
      (former) Lotte Card, head of Lotte Business Division
      (former) Lotte Card sales manager


Committee Meetings
  • The compliance committee is managed based on deliberations and decisions are made involving “group compliance policies and the establishment of plans, monitoring subsidiary compliance activities, management and instruction, evaluation of subsidiary compliance activities, and inspection of compliance levels including legal compliance.”
  • Employees of the company or its affiliates may submit proposals containing specific details to the Committee in writing, and the chairman or other members may also submit proposals if deemed necessary.
  • The Committee may request documents necessary for deliberation and decision, or conduct necessary investigations, such as conducting site inspections.
  • The Committee meets at least once every quarter and holds meetings if deemed necessary.
Resolution of Group Compliance Policies
  • The Compliance Committee is currently in the process of establishing a group-level compliance system by organizing an integrity management group, establishing and expanding the compliance system, and establishing a compliance education system in order to implement group compliance policies.
  • The compliance organizations of the Group's major affiliates report the details of their compliance activities to the Committee every quarter, and then the Committee generates compliance business improvements based on these reports. These improvements are to be reflected in each affiliated company in order to strengthen communication between affiliates and members of the Committee. It is our goal to raise business synergy.
  • The Compliance Committee respects that compliance with global standards such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA), corporate transparency and employee ethics can greatly effect the survival of the company. As a competitive company in this type of corporate environment, we are devoting our efforts to becoming a global company.