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About US


Lotte Shopping Integrated E-commerce Platform Since launching South Korea's first comprehensive online shopping mall,, in 1996, Lotte e-Commerce was re-established in 2018 as a business division of Lotte Shopping. In April 2020, Lotte introduced 'Lotte ON,' an integrated online shopping platform. On this platform, customers can search for and purchase a wide range of products, from department store items, fresh food, and electronics to open market products, all in one place.

Additionally, Lotte e-Commerce utilizes the infrastructure of Lotte's distribution sector, including the big data of over 40 million members of L.Point and about 13,000 offline stores, to provide a differentiated shopping experience that bridges online and offline. Starting in 2022, it plans to further solidify its position as a lifestyle platform by offering more specialized services in areas such as beauty, luxury, fashion, and kids.

  • CEOPark Ick Jin
  • Date of foundation2000.1.6
  • Major BusinessE-commerce
  • Address300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Phone(+82)-2-3668-8500

Major products and services


  • Lotte ON Vertical Services

    Lotte ON offers the joy of discovering brands and benefits. Through its monthly 'ON Sale,' it gives customers reasons to visit and provides sellers with the joy of brand growth. Especially for 'ON AND THE CLUB' vertical integrated membership customers, it acts as a premium lifestyle platform by offering additional discounts, enhancing the shopping journey during crucial moments in life such as beauty, fashion, luxury, and kids.

    Moreover, Lotte ON is growing by proposing trustworthy products to customers based on product expertise and operating verticals in beauty, luxury, fashion, and kids. 'ON AND THE BEAUTY' is a premium beauty specialty store suggesting luxury and trendy beauty brands through a variety of convenient services. 'ON AND THE LUXURY' solidifies its position in the online luxury market by centering around select products curated by luxury MDs. 'ON AND THE FASHION' proposes fashion brands aligned with trends, and 'ON AND THE KIDS' consistently performs well by showcasing premium children's fashion, childcare products, and toys.

  • LECS

    LECS (LOTTE E-commerce Customizing Service) is a tailored e-commerce mall construction solution for brands.
    It provides an optimized platform for building and operating brand-specific malls, supporting logistics centers, and call center operations as a package, and continuously expands service upgrades utilizing Lotte ON's advanced IT capabilities. Brands like UNIQLO, MUJI, Chilsung Mall, The Conran Shop, and Cazzle are growing with LECS.

  • B2B Services

    Lotte ON provides excellent products and services to various partner companies.

    Firstly, through B2C and B2B channels, it is growing by supplying Lotte Mobile Gift Vouchers to a diverse customer base. Lotte Mobile Gift Vouchers combine the value of paper vouchers with the convenience of mobile technology. They can be safely stored on mobile phones for immediate use both online and offline, and they also have the option to be exchanged for paper vouchers.

    Lotte Cinema, Lotte Mart, Seven Eleven, and other brands are issuing e-coupons. Through various online channels such as Lotte ON and Kakao Gift, products are being proposed to customers, with supply expanding across multiple brands.

    Moreover, Lotte e-Commerce is sourcing and supplying excellent brands in categories such as beauty, luxury, and living to partnership channels like Hyundai Card M Mall, based on its competitive product sourcing capabilities.