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Making everyday life better through clothes Currently operating in 19 countries worldwide, Uniqlo is a global fashion brand that provides quality products at reasonable prices. It continues to create job opportunities in the Korean market and actively performs a variety of social contribution activities.

  • CEOBae Woo Jin, Kosaka Takeshi
  • Date of foundation2004.12.16
  • Major BusinessImport and sales of Uniqlo clothing and general merchandise
  • Address24F, 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Phone(+82)-2-771-6303

Major products and services



    HEATTECH is Uniqlo's representative product, which utilizes fiber technology for heat self-generatation. As highly hygroscopic rayon fibers absorb moisture emitted from the body, they transform it into thermal energy, which results in thin, yet warm clothing. The extremely fine fibers, 1/10 the thickness of a human hair, create insulating air pockets to maintain warmth for a long period of time and, by increasing the ratio of hygroscopic fibers, its drying capabilities have been further improved. Also, by using independently developed, elastic fabric, the wearer will feel pleasant even in the winter, when multiple layers of clothes are worn. The HEATTECH lineup comes in three types: the original "HEATTECH," "HEATTECH Extra Warm," with 1.5 times-greater warmth retention thanks to a fleece lining, and "HEATTECH Ultra Warm" with thick, special fleece to provide the greatest amount of warmth.

  • Ultra Light Down

    Ultra Light Down is a lightweight jacket made of ultra-lightweight technology, equipped with a thin, light feel and great warmth retention. Its lineup comprises of "Original" and even thinner "Compact" products and, in addition to water-repellency processing, it is easy to carry around thanks to a storage pouch provided along with the jacket. Various kinds of products, from jackets to parkas and vests, may be purchased in different colors and designs. It may be used as a layering item during winter and for simple outdoor wear during the spring and fall seasons.

  • Fleece

    Boasting soft and smooth wear, Uniqlo Fleece is made of polyester, which inflates like a sponge, to create a layer of warm air that achieves both a lightweight and cozy feeling. One of Uniqlo's steady sellers since its initial release, the Fleece collection comprises various styles, including full zip jackets, vests, coats, parkas, and pants. The "Fluffy Fleece" lineup for women has an even softer texture, while the "Blocktech Fleece" lineup offers excellent heat-retention capabilities thanks to a wind-resistant film inserted to block the wind.

  • UT
    (UNIQLO T-shirt)

    Uniqlo's own graphic T-shirt lineup, UT, offers simple T-shirts with designs that are influenced by various cultural elements and inspirations taken from art, music, film, and characters. Items from this line express the individuality and personal taste of the wearer. The line boasts an overwhelmingly superior lineup of products unequalled by other brands, and NIGO, a street fashion icon, is in charge of the brand as the creative director. UT has conducted unconventional and unique collaborations year after year and, even in 2017, special designs have been showcased through collaborative work with world-renowned artists.

  • Jeans

    Uniqlo's Jeans are developed in the Jeans Innovation Center, an R&D center for jeans established in Los Angeles in November 2016, by applying the latest technology and trends. At the Center, new materials are being developed through collaboration with Kaihara, a global denim material manufacturer, and research on "materials, fit, and finishing," the three elements that determine the quality of a pair of jeans, is being performed. This leads to the production of jeans for both men and women that are made with innovative materials, possess a trendy silhouette, and fit perfectly.