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LOTTE story through video

[LOTTE Group] 2017 PR Film

"Narration for LOTTE Group Promotional Video

Prologue 45“ (45”)

The moment you meet LOTTE, a more beautiful, happier world unfolds.
LOTTE has strived to enrich human life with unchanging effort and passion!
The story of LOTTE with you is starting now.

Retail (1’)/1’45“

LOTTE Department Store is being loved as a premium shopping place by everyone around the world with excellent products and high-quality services

By expanding into China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, LOTTE Mart has actively undertaken overseas business. Also, Hi Mart is leading digital retail based on a nationwide network.

With LOTTE Super, Korea’s no.1 supermarket, LOTTE Home Shopping and, the leaders of smart shopping. LOTTE’s retail sector reaches customers closely and conveniently through an off and online omni-channel

Food (1’10“)/ 2’55”

LOTTE Confectionary has captured everyone’s taste in the world with megahit brands and is expanding into the overseas market by developing new products featuring local characteristics.

With various product lines such as beverages, liquor, and mineral water,
LOTTE Chilsung Beverage is a becoming global brand.

From raw food ingredients to finished goods,
LOTTE Food meets with customers with various products and Lotteria is also being loved abroad.
LOTTE is filling up the tables of every customer in the world with fresh and enjoyable food.

Tourism (55’)/3’50“

Hotel LOTTE is rising to a global hotel chain by opening hotels in many different cities of the world, and LOTTE Duty Free is becoming a global TOP with best products and services.

LOTTE World Adventure brings joy and excitement to Korea and China, and
LOTTE Resort and LOTTE Skyhill CC are leading Korea’s tourism leisure culture.

From LOTTE JTB’s customized-travel services to LOTTE Cinema that has expanded abroad…
LOTTE’s tourism is spreading happiness and enjoyment to customers around the world.

Finance (40’)/4’30“

LOTTE Card has become South Korea’s top credit card with various types that consider different lifestyles as well as convenient and reasonable financial services.

LOTTE Insurance has grown remarkably with a wide variety of insurance products; LOTTE Capital has Korea’s top-level asset soundness, and LOTTE Members have expanded its services to Asia.

LOTTE’s financial business is becoming a reliable life partner for customers.

Chemical (1’05“)/5’35”

LOTTE Chemical produces various chemical goods with large production facilities in the world, and is becoming the world’s best chemical company based on its global competitiveness
LOTTE Advanced Materials is continuing the infinite potential of materials with innovative products, and LOTTE Fine Chemical has secured competitiveness by developing products with increased functionality. Both are becoming top global brands.

LOTTE MCC produces the core materials of various industries, and
LOTTE BP is becoming a comprehensive acetyl company…
LOTTE’s chemical business is striving for an abundant future based on harmony with environment.

Infra/Service (1’25“)/7’00”

LOTTE Engineering & Construction is drawing attention with apartments, plants, civil engineering works, as well as complex facilities and high-rise buildings.

LOTTE Asset Development is becoming a worldwide asset development firm, and LOTTE Corporation, which runs LOTTE World Tower & and LOTTE World Mall, is spreading the name of LOTTE in the world.

LOTTE Aluminum, Canon Korea business solution, Korea Fuji Film, etc. are diversifying customers’ life.

LOTTE International exports the pride of LOTTE.
LOTTE Data Communication provides all IT services.
LOTTE’s logistics affiliates are delivering your precious needs on time
LOTTE Rental has led the Korean rental culture.
LOTTE is realizing the best customer satisfaction through various infrastructure and service businesses.

Epilogue (1’30“)/8’30”

50 years of LOTTE, which has repeated growth with challenge and innovation toward novelty.
Now, LOTTE talks about the future with its customers.
A global company that cherishes the substance more than the size of growth and presents the best value to the entire life of customers,
‘Lifetime Value Creator’

This is the promise by new LOTTE.