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Supporting People Around the World to Overcome the Crisis 2020.06.04 페이스북 공유하기

LOTTE Group is carrying out various efforts to protect the safety of its employees and customers from the recent COVID-19 incident, and to curtail the spread of the virus. LOTTE is keeping a close eye on the virus curve, and react timely in case an issue occurs to maintain the safety of employees and operators in direct contact with the customers.
In addition, LOTTE is actively supporting its partners and local communities suffering from the recent situation. Its affiliates are trying to help them overcome the crisis, by conducting multiple measures that fits their business nature. Also, LOTTE is supporting both domestic and foreign countries affected by the pandemic to get over the global chaos in concert.
Support for partners and communities with difficulties
LOTTE is conducting diverse support activities for the local communities and partner companies suffering from the spread of COVID-19.
< 3,700 Food Boxes for children facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 >

LOTTE has donated 1 billion KRW last February to welfare facilities, to help prevent the spread of the virus and back up those already affected. In particular, these contributions have prioritized helping children who were not receiving adequate welfare care due to the pandemic. With many welfare facilities being closed down to slow the virus, LOTTE has provided food supplies to affected children so that they will have enough food for a month. LOTTE has also supported lower income household, elder citizens and healthcare workers with sanitization products, daily necessities, and food.

LOTTE Asset Development, an affiliate operating shopping malls, has delayed rent dues for small and medium enterprises affected by the virus last March. Subsequently, they have decided to reduce their rent by up to 30 percent in April. LOTTE Homeshopping and LOTTE Himart are providing free sanitization services for partner facilities. LOTTE Duty Free has donated daily necessities while 7-Eleven Korea (LOTTE is the Korean licensee of 7-Eleven Inc.) is providing a portion of its revenues to healthcare workers to procure medical equipment.

< Providing free sanitization services for partner facilities of LOTTE Homeshopping >

LOTTE is also actively supporting local farmers of flower industry, agricultural, fishery and livestock products affected by the pandemic. Last April, Kag-Gyu Hwang, CEO and Vice Chairman of LOTTE Corporation, joined a relay campaign to help flower farmers. The campaign was initiated to support the flower farmhouses who are suffering from sales decrease due to the cancellations of commencement ceremonies amid COVID-19. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, this relay is carried out by participants pointing the next nominee to continue the campaign. Mr. Hwang, as a nominee of this relay, delivered a gift to employees of its partner companies in charge of sanitation and disinfection at LOTTE World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul, along with a bouquet of flowers.
In addition, LOTTE is striving to support the affected local farmers, by holding consumption promotion events worth 1,500 tons and 7 billion KRW in LOTTE Mart, for industries having difficulty selling agricultural and fishery products due to closing of schools and other facilities.
Expanding support to foreign countries
Amid COVID-19 pandemic, LOTTE is closely monitoring the trend of confirmed patients and employee safety in foreign countries running the business (36 countries), and conducting donation activities to mitigate the spread of the virus and support recovery. Considering various situation of each country, LOTTE is making its best effort to provide tailored aid to where they are most needed.
In Indonesia, where LOTTE Mart, LOTTE Department Store, and LOTTE Chemical is under operation, it was confirmed that the country was lacking medical supplies such as diagnostic kits and respirators. LOTTE purchased the Korean test-kit worth about 300 million KRW which will be delivered through the embassy in Korea. Also LOTTE Mart have joined a donation in Indonesia, which aids medical team and social disadvantaged citizens via their local office.

< LOTTE Mart Indonesia donated 400 boxes of food supplies for the healthcare workers >
In Pakistan, LOTTE is planning a donation to organizations supporting the vulnerable groups, by utilizing the local Coronavirus fund. Besides, confectionery products and infection prevention products will be provided by the affiliates in country, LOTTE Confectionery and LOTTE Chemical. In addition, LOTTE Engineering & Construction will collaborate with other Korean companies in Pakistan to purchase diagnostic kits for those suffering from the virus.
Rakhat, the Kazakhstan subsidiary of LOTTE Confectionery, also contributed protective clothing to the healthcare workers, hand in hand with local Korean enterprises.

< Rakhat in Kazakhstan delivered 500 protective clothing to the local medical facility >
In Vietnam, Myanmar and the United States, LOTTE Hotel is in charge of a campaign to display supportive messages on the building exterior, to those affected by the outbreak.

< LOTTE Hotel is sending out supportive messages utilizing their global properties >
LOTTE Group is taking the lead in protecting their customers and partners from the threat, supporting the community to curtail the spread of the virus, and to recover from damage. Furthermore, LOTTE is employing various measures with its overseas affiliates to the foreign countries to push through the difficult times.
LOTTE’s ultimate goal is to support its customers and promote shared growth as a member of the community. This activity is consistent with LOTTE’s vision, ‘Lifetime Value Creator’, and ‘Your lifetime friend, LOTTE’, which is the Group’s slogan. LOTTE will continue to keep an eye on the COVID-19 incident and support the whole world overcome this crisis.