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Lotte Group concurrently pursues economic revenue and environmental sustainability by improving environmental outcome throughout the entire process of corporate activities. Accordingly, it is the Environmental Management of Lotte Group to minimize the environmental damage that may occur inevitably from the corporate production activities, thus achieving environmentally sound and consistent development.

  • Introduction & History
  • Vision & Goal


Strong Will Implement Environmental Management

Lotte Group pursues consistent and harmonized growth between environment and development.
We enacted the guideline on Environmental Management to have an Environmental Management
system settled in the group so as to participate in the environmental conservation activities and
fulfill our social responsibility.

  1. 1 Reinforcing core competence for environmental management
    • Contributing to the prevention of global warming by coping with climate change
    • Securing new growth engine and developing business model through the
      development of green technology and industry.
  2. 2 Field-oriented environmental management
    • Settling the field-oriented Environmental Management through the participation
      of all employees.
    • Developing the process, product and distribution/service that minimizes
      environmental assessment.
  3. 3 Cultivating competent manpower suitable for environmental management
    • Fostering the manpower that can manage the local and international climate
      change risk.
    • Cultivating the manpower that can develop business models through environmental
  4. 4 Reinforcing brand management through environmental management
    • Reinforcing communication with the stakeholders and securing the corporate
    • Enhancing the assets value of brand.
Environmental business management and group conference system

Lotte group has systematically promoted environment business under control of an environmental business promotion executive, which is part of direct section of the group policy department. The environmental business promotion executive has devised environmental group business strategy and integrally managed climate change correspondence and regulation in regards to environment. In addition, Lotte group has positively handled the whole issues of corporation such as climate change correspondence, environment related regulation, and green supply chain practice. Also, it has organized regular based conference system in purpose of reducing relevant risks.

Environmental business management and group conference system info
Classification Supervision Contents Number of enforcement
Workshop for Executives environmental business promotion executive Sharing Result of current statue and excellent cases in the entire group environmental management Once per year
Chief Executive Meeting environmental business promotion executive Sharing issues of environmental management, performance administration, and excellent cases Four times per year
Professional Meeting environmental business promotion executive Establishment and examination of environmental management strategies and inspection implementation of performance by groups Six times per year
Online curriculum completion of Carbon management for all executives and staffs

Lotte group has created online curriculum of Carbon management and encouraged all the executives and staff members to complete a course of the study for advising global environment via climate change correspondence and integrating enterprise value. The curriculum is respectively divided into basic and advance courses in connection to the executives’ and staff members’ works. Lotte group expects that real business and Carbon management eventually amplify the synergy. Additionally, Lotte group has organized advanced environment management curriculum, which includes comprehensive studies and other environment regulations in order to help the executives and staff members to understand the environment business and grow as an eco-friendly corporation.