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Lotte has promoted customized services and products by targeting individuals in the socially neglected class for their independence and rehabilitation through the Lotte Scholarship Foundation and Lotte Welfare Foundation. In addition, Lotte has also continuously practiced local community sharing activities based on capability and volunteering activities. In order to create our prosperous society, Lotte has developed diversified forms of sharing activities to improve the right and awareness of the socially neglected class for social infrastructure, women, disabled individuals, etc.

01 Lotte as female friendly enterprise has considered various opportunities of supporting for women’s social activities and advancement of the statue. In particular, Lotte has led convenient life for women and moms by developing ‘EasyMom’ from CSR integration brand that has participated into social welfare activities regarding women and parenting.

EasyMom Co-parenting Sharing Center image
EasyMom Co-parenting Sharing Center

Lotte has remodeled underused space of military family housing in order to create co-parenting sharing center to take care of children of military families in poor childcare environment of the forward area. Lotte Confectionery, Lotte Chilsung Beverage, Lotte Food, and Lotte HiMart have collaborated with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and Ministry of National Defense to develop ‘Easymom’ Co-parenting sharing center that is expected to be built in Cholwon, Bakryungdo, Yeoncheon, and the twelve areas of the front line. Co-parenting has helped mothers to find psychological stabilities by caring children under supports, moreover, teaching aids such as library and toys are provided by free as well.

Easymom’s Healing Time image
Easymom’s Healing Time

EasyMom’s Healing Time is a specialized program that considers about working moms who inevitably become superwomen due to their busy lives from both works and parenting. Female social workers rarely have time for caring their family and even themselves because of helping socially neglected class in present. Lotte has promoted the healing camp for two nights and three days in order to provide memorable moments for working moms with their children. Lotte has conducted the program with Ministry of Health and Welfare since 2014, and about 500 families of Ministry of Health and Welfare has been receiving benefits every year. Ministry of Health and Welfare has been expected to receive new energy from this program.

Lott Cinema, EasyMom’s with Mom and Baby image
Lott Cinema, EasyMom’s with Mom and Baby

Lotte cinema has created a exclusive theater for moms carrying with babies in purpose of providing their culture lives. Lotte cinema has provided baby caring necessities such as diapers, wet wipes, etc. in the theater for moms tiring of parenting to enjoy privileges without burdens. In addition, Lotte cinema also provided diversified services such as snapshots and nail caring in order to help moms to have truly relaxed moments.

02 Lotte has racticed the spirit of diversity that disadvantaged group of people in the society such as disabled people, foreigners, etc. are supposed to be respected their diversity without discrimination. Therefore, Lotte has supported for independence of socially neglected class and developed socially diversified welfare activities in order to minimize common misconception about disabled people.

Superblue campaign image
Superblue campaign

Lotte has started practicing recognition improvement campaign since 2014 for developing social community living together with disabled people. Superblue campaign has symbolized with cobalt-blue colored shoelaces, and blue contains meaning of hope and shoelaces shows disabled people’s independent willingness by tightening their shoelaces to get up without helps. The major purpose of the campaign is that many people get opportunities to support disabled people’s independence and to help spreading out the message of sharing and consideration for them. In 2014, Lotte participated in the following activities such as National Assembly, Fashion Week event hall, all sortings of walking competition, the street of Myeongdong in order to introduce Superblue campaign. In October 2015, Lotte held ‘Superblue marathon competition’ participating with 5000 people with and without disabled.

Lotte Duty Free, Under Stand Avenue image
Lotte Duty Free, Under Stand Avenue

Under Stand Avenue of Lotte Duty Free is expected to be introduced as a cultural community place in Seoul Forest where create an especial environment for vocational training and cultural space for the youth in socially neglected class, female immigrants and Socially Disadvantaged Class. Besides, Under Stand Avenue is consisted of seven social welfare programs including select shops for social enterprises, founding places for youths’ venture company, performance and exhibition places for rising artists. Moreover, citizens’ participation and interests can unlimitedly activate the community place.

Lotte Confectionery, The bus Doctor Xylitol is on the way image
Lotte Confectionery, The bus Doctor Xylitol is on the way

Lotte Confectionery has provided dental treatment with Korean Dental Association that the proceeds from Xylitol is used for treating welfare facilities for senior citizens and community child center once every month. More than 1,700 Seniors and children who have improper dental cares take advantages on this program, and employees of Lotte has actively participated on volunteering to provide goods and foods in order to not only offer dental treatment but also extend a warm helping hand to welfare facilities.

03 Lotte has become a global enterprise expanding its business from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. to the United States and Europe. Consequently, Lotte has made serious efforts into improving social issues such as the children education in rural areas, enrionmetnal issues, etc. with affiliates entering applicable countries.

Lotte Distribution Service School image
Lotte Distribution Service School

Lotte has been planning on establishing and running distribution and service school in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with ministry of Trade known as KOICA for three years starting from 2016. Lotte is expected to support various kinds of contents relating to distribution and service, which include foreign languages, computer, financing education. An outstanding graduate will be given hiring opportunities by Lotte affiliates working with Lotte department store, Lotte mart, and Lotteria in Vietnam.

Lotte Department Store, Vietnam School, and establishment of water facilities in Southeast Asia image
Lotte Department Store, Vietnam School, and establishment of water facilities in Southeast Asia

Lotte department store has been vigorously participated on social welfare activities in Korea by providing health medical examination called ‘visiting health medical examination bus’ for socially neglected class. Since 2009, Lotte has continuously supported students in Vietnam with high quality of education by establishing a total of three elementary and middle schools in the rural area of Danang. In 2016, the fourth school will be opened in the neighborhood area of Hanoi. In addition, Lotte has supplied drinking water to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Indonesia where has poor drinking water system by founding facilities that successfully lead to minimizing waterborne diseases, improving environmental issues, and reducing living expenses.

Lotte Hotel, Think Nature Campaign image
Lotte Hotel, Think Nature Campaign

Lotte Hotel has operated ‘Think Nature’ campaign conducting with future forest as eco-friendly project since 2013. ‘Think Nature’ campaign has practiced the promotion with customers in purpose of reducing laundries from their rooms, and Lotte has passed the savings on to planting trees on the Gubuchi desert of inner mongolia to prevent desertification and yellow dust. This project has been cooperatively practiced by not only employees’ participation but also customers’ consideration.

04 Lotte has practiced various kinds of volunteering that all employees have been actively participating in sharing business of Lotte and social welfare activities. These diversified forms of activities do not only emphasize on financial support but also provide unique atmosphere for socially neglected class to have emotional stability that continuously develop positive relationships.

Lotte Mart, Happy Dream Service Group image
Lotte Mart, Happy Dream Service Group

Lotte Mart has created Happy Dream Service Group that each shop in the whole country is twinned with a regional children center in order to support children in socially neglected class. This volunteering activity has been practiced once every year, and all employees have actively participated. The program is customized by children’s growth cycling, which helps providing appropriate mentoring based on their ages and culturally experienced activities.

Lotte Himart, Happy 3 campaign image
Lotte Himart, Happy 3 campaign

Lotte HiMart has supported about 700 families of grandparent raising grandchild with living expenses, educational expenses of children, school uniforms, etc. The costs are constituted by employees’ donation and matching fund created by HiMart. The employees have created one to one relationship with those families of grandparent raising grandchild that those children psychologically feel stable by building close relationship as brothers and sisters via camps during vacation altogether.

Lotte Construction, Love House

Lotte construction have proceeded ‘Love House’ project in purpose of improving social welfare facilities and residential environment for lower income groups by taking advantages of the most of distinctive quality of construction industry . All employees have directly participated into ‘Love House’ project by papering walls and painting for decrepit facilities since 2012, and daily necessities required for welfare facilities are also supported that this project is employee participating model of typical sharing activities.