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Lotte Corp

Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Corporation
  • CEO
    Noh, Byeong-yong
  • Date of
    June 15, 1982
  • Major business
    Tourist accommodation, leisure
  • Address
    240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

The hero of Lotte World Tower project for a general tourism and distribution complex Lotte Corporation is taking full charge of the constructions for the Lotte World Tower project, an ambitious new
project by Korea’s tourism industry leader, Lotte. Located at Seoul’s Jamsil region, the Lotte World Tower project
will serve as a tourism/distribution/cultural multi-complex featuring the world-highest observatory in scale of
555m throughout 123 floors, a 230-room deluxe 6-star hotel, and premium offices. In the lower stories, a luxury
department store, shopping mall, and various entertainment facilities will be accommodated.
Built on 55 thousand m2 site with an investment of 3.5 trillion won, the Lotte World Tower project will generate
approximately 7 trillion won in production inducement and 4 million jobs annually. Even after its completion,
the complex will be adding 20 thousand new permanent employees to its payroll, thus greatly contributing to
Korea’s tourism industry and economy as a whole.
By hosting a number of world-renowned multinational corporations and their Asian headquarters, the business
office complex of the Lotte World Tower project will soon rise as one of the world’s leading business-tourism
hubs. The lower floors will be developed into a new amalgamation of retail and cultural facilities. Once the
Lotte World Tower project wraps up its construction in 2015, we will be completing a world-class cultural cluster
in the region that covers the existing Lotte World, the Olympic Park, Jamsil Sports Complex, Baekje historic sites
like the Mongchon Fortress, and the Namhan Fortress.

Lotte Corp image

Eco-friendly green development and new growth engines Lotte Corporation plans to build the Lotte World Tower as a highly-advanced environment-friendly green multi-complex that is worthy of benchmarking by foreign countries. The complex will be powered by new & renewable energy resources such as geothermal heat, wind power, and solar energy, while also being equipped with LED lighting and high-efficiency power saving systems.

Skyscrapers are the pinnacle of high technology. Building a super skyscraper using our own technology in our own soil will greatly enhance our expertise in the aspects of design, construction, and post-construction management, thus further advancing the progress of Korea’s construction sector and enabling our nation to land a central spot in the global skyscraper market.

Demand for highly complicated schemes such as eco-friendly, extreme technology, offshore platform projects has made substantial strides in the construction sector during the 21st century. Lotte Corporation will be using the Lotte World Tower project and the Busan Lotte Town, which is another super tower in Busan, to hone its mechanical, facility, energy, electrical, electronic, and environmental expertise. We believe that our newly developed skills will help us discover new business opportunities and turn us into a new growth engine for the entire group.

Major business operations

Tourist accommodation, leisure business, department store