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KP Chemtech

KP Chemtech image
Company Overview
  • Company name
    KP Chemtech Corp.
  • CEO
    Young Hak Kim
  • Date of
    December 17, 2003
  • Major business
    Synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, by-products
  • Address
    119, Sapyeong-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
  • Phone
About us

Maker of world-class PET, nylon, and yarns A new member of Lotte since 2004, KP Chemtech specializes in producing PET, nylon resins and yarns from our facilities within the Ulsan Petrochemical Complex. Our supplies of PTA, a main ingredient of PET, are supplied by KP Chemical via pipe lines, while our MEG supplies come from another Lotte affiliate, Lotte Chemical. Using our extensive inter-family network, we are able to supply quality PET resins and yarns at a competitive price.
Similarly, we produce nylon resins by acquiring a stable supply of caprolactum, a main ingredient, via pipe lines from CARPRO Corp (HCC) located within the same petrochemical complex in Ulsan. Thus, our system allows us to offer nylon resin and yarn products at a competitive price range, which has also helped us to gain a global reputation.
We are a noted leader in the field of PET and nylon production, at par with renowned foreign companies operating in the same field, and we are striving hard to open new markets with our quality standards and advanced technology.
We at KP Chemtech are adding pace to become the world’s leading firm in engineering plastic technology through cost-cutting, better operation rates, and higher profitability, while enhancing our transparency and creativity.

Major products

N. resin -SD, FILM, ENPLA P. resin -S.BRT, FILM, SD N. yarn -FN, SDY P. yarn -POY, FDY technical textile-IDY

KP Chemtech Plants info.
1 Plant 427-5 Sanggae-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea

KP Chemtech Ulsan Complex #1