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Lotte Scholarship Foundation

Lotte Scholarship Foundation
Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Scholarship Foundation
  • Executive Director
    Shin, Young-ja
  • Date of
    December 22, 1983
  • Major business
    Scholarship foundation
  • Address
    22F Lotte Bldg., 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

Development of Human Resources Practicing Sharing Established in 1983, the Lotte Scholarship Foundation has developed diversified scholarships and education welfare in purpose of training talented students and the advancement of the nation’s academic development. Lotte has offered scholarships to outstanding graduates striving to concentrate on their studies under difficult circumstnaces. Moreover, elementary, middle, and high school students containing outstanding school records and talents are supported scholarships as well. Lotte has actively practiced the importance of sharing by caring poor neighbors and unlimitedly run the service group in the center of scholarship grantors of college students.
Lotte has supported elementary, middle, and high school with libraries for education welfare aiding; moreover, old library has been also rebuilt and renovated. Furthermore, Lotte has practiced donating business by constructing educational buildings such as Lotte International Studies Hall at Seoul National University and the Science Exhibit Hall of Ulsan city’s board of education. Moreover, Lotte also actively supports school or regional children center with all kinds of equipments as well.
The support for Education welfare of Lotte Scholarship Foundation has continuously extended to globalization. Lotte has not only put effort on supporting book supplies and remodeling of library but also designing competition of elementary schools in abroad. In addition, Lotte has provided school feeding for students who have skipped lunch and the support the improvement of school hygiene with medicines and development of school facilities.

Main Business

Scholarship assistance, culture/ physical education assistance, facilities assistance, school feeding/ school hygiene assistance