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Lotte Data Communications Company

Lotte Data Communications Company
Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Data Communications Company
  • CEO
    Ma Yong Deuk
  • Date of
    November 11, 1996
  • Major business
    Software development, computer equipments
  • Address
    179,Gasan digital 2-ro,Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

Creating customer values through IT services Lotte Data Communications Company is a value-creating partner that supports IT consulting, development, and operation to maximize IT efficiency and advancement throughout the entire industries of distribution, production, construction, chemistry, and financial service. It provides differentiated value in various fields including system management and system integration based on a step-ahead new paradigm. Including The Lotte Data Center, built in 2007, Lotte Data Communications is operating 3 specialized centers. In acquisition of the qualification on information protection, it exerts utmost efforts to maximize the business value of the customers by providing trustworthy and reliable service that doesn’t change under any situation.

To lead the radically changing IT market, Lotte Data Communications is focusing on IT convergence business like Green IT, ESCO, IBS, and smart grid and securing new growth engine by expanding AFC (Automatic Fare Collection), u-Payment, LED lighting business to elevate its global status. Based on such efforts, it is delivering the future value through IT while providing IT technology that presents smart lifestyle to customers and increased business value to businesses.

Based on the accumulated core capacity and affluent know-how, Lotte Data Communications promises to provide the optimum value to customers as a leading global IT solutions provider.

Major products and services
System Integration
  • * e-BIZ sector : e-tax bill, EPC service, XML/EDI service, VMI service, CRM center, cash receipt, iPOS system, web hosting, SMS, MMS, Web-log, EMS, e-Catalogue,
  • * Solutions sector : ERP solution, MOIN/ integrated MOIN, F1FLUS, OLAP
  • * Systems sector : next-generation financial system, innovative information system, MES (manufacturing execution system), HR system, POS system, online shopping mall, VOC system, distribution system
  • * Global business sector: overseas SI and maintenance service
- High Tech

RFID/USN, IBS/integrated security, home network, LED, smart grid, smart card, e-Learning, information certification policy

- IT consulting

IT consulting, privacy protection consulting

- IT outsourcing
  • * Infrastructure development corporation (IDC) : Server rack rental service, communications service, control service, special category telecommunications
  • * SM sector (system & outsourcing) : electronic equipments and SW distribution, maintenance service, information protection service FAX Server, WCS, Baseball records management, Firm Banking, Mobile LAN
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