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Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotteria Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    Rho Il-sik
  • Date of
    October 25, 1979
  • Major business
    Hamburgers, etc.
  • Address
    47, Hangang-daero 71-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
  • Fax
About us

Actualizing customer happiness through customer satisfaction Since our founding, Lotteria has been the pioneer of popularizing western dining culture in Korea and remains the top fast-food franchise in the nation.
By promptly responding to customer demands for new products and continuous store renovations, we have held on to our customers’ love and support for the past years despite the unstable economic environment worldwide, generating remarkable sales and grabbing huge chunks of market share.
Apart from our hamburger business, we have launched an espresso coffee brand Angel-in-us which has displayed astonishing growth in a short time that shook up the coffee market. In May 2009, we acquired the top family restaurant chain T.G.I. FRIDAYS to rise as a chief dining franchise corporation.
From an indigenous local brand, Lotteria is growing into a global franchise chain.
The current global market is a world of dog-eat-dog competition, knowing no bounds in national or regional borders. Amidst such environment, we are reinforcing our competitiveness in the Asian market with our exceptional capacity and forward-looking challenging spirit. Our goal of becoming Asia’s top 3 multi-brand dining franchise by 2018 (Vision 2018) is no longer an impossible dream, but thevery real tomorrow of Lotteria that is within our reach through our sustained efforts.
Furthermore, we have paved the groundwork for entering the Southeast Asian market by our sturdy hamburger business in Vietnam and the successful launch of Angel-in-us Coffee. Since 2008, we have succeeded in creating the basic business foundation to enter into the Chinese market, and are gradually strengthening our hold.
Moreover, we at Lotteria will reinforce our corporate social responsibility as a socially responsible multinational corporation. We intend to maintain a strong grip on our ethical management, environmental management, and sustainable management philosophies, which we have upheld since our founding, to show our humanism and contribute to the creation of a better tomorrow for the entire world.

  • Lotteria image

    Lotteria As the leading homegrown fast-food chain in Korea, Lotteria is in the process of creating a new legend of prevailing over multinational fast-food corporations by implementing continuous management innovation, audacious investments, and product development that caters specifically to the local palate. To this day, we are constantly developing new menus that appeal to local appetite, renovating our stores into a trendy hub that reflects the rapidly changing customer preferences and expectations, and providing a wide assortment of hamburgers, coffee, and desserts.
    We are determined to stand by our customers as the nation’s most thrifty and chic diner that upholds Korean food values of safety, health, and balanced nutrition

  • Angel-in-us image

    Angel-in-us Coffee Through our partnership with green bean suppliers like US-based Java Trading Company and Distant Lands Coffee, we at Angel-in-us use only carefully selected quality Arabica beans to deliver the most delectable taste and aroma to our customers. We also employ Java Coffee’s patented pure roast ™ roasting method, which guarantees unified quality management for all our products. Our beans are roasted directly by us in Korea, giving us the advantage of added freshness compared to imported beans roasted from abroad.
    Making extensive use of Lotteria’s 30 years of accumulated expertise, we intend to install a systemic quality control, distribution, and franchise management system that delivers only first-rate products and services to our customers.

  • TGI FRIDAYS image

    TGI FRIDAYS TGI FRIDAYS was the pioneer of the family restaurant business in Korea when it was first introduced in 1992. As the frontrunner in creating a new dining culture, and under our goal of offering fun flavors and customer joy through casual dining, we are delivering satisfaction and service that exceeds our customers’ expectations to this day.
    We promise to exert our best efforts to improve customer service by promptly responding to the various demands and giving foremost thought and consideration for our customers.

  • krispykreme image

    Warm doughnuts under the famed “Hot Now” Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was founded in North Carolina in 1937, and our franchises now expand to over 360 stores in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Australia, and Korea. Krispy Kreme has become famous for its warm, fresh original glazed doughnuts which are churned out as soon as the “Hot Now” neon sign is turned on.
    Our “Doughnut Theater” demonstrates the whole process of doughnut-making, which provides another source of enjoyment for our customers. KKD reached a franchise agreement with United States’ Krispy Kreme, opening the 1st store in Shinchon on December 16, 2004.
    We currently offer 15 varieties of doughnuts such as the original glazed, as well as an array of beverages including espressos and brewed coffee. As of 2011, we operate 40 stores nationwide to deliver warm, fresh doughnuts to our customers. We also signed an international franchise contract with the Krispy Kreme headquarters in the US to enter China’s market in October 2008, opening our first Shanghai branch in December 15, 2009. We are planning to raise the Hot Now neon sign across China, to step up as a truly global company. We at Krispy Kreme intend to rely on our differentiated marketing strategy, regional penetration, and business expansion to raise brand recognition, develop distinct products catering to Korean palates, and implement meticulous quality management to rise as the most loved doughnut brand in Korea and the world.

  • Natuur image

    Natuur Natuur launched a new brand called ‘Natuur-pop’ in November 2012.
    As ‘a dessert café for 20s,’ Natuur-pop targets those between 17 to 24 years old. Besides the cozy ambience in its colorful and unique interior, the congenial mood created through the colorful ice cream figures that introduce the Natuur-pop store is attracting the young ladies. The BI of ‘Natuur-pop’ uses multi-colored circles to express the provision of ice cream and dessert with a variety of flavors while symbolically showing the look of happy faces among the customers visiting ‘Natuur-pop.’

Lotteria Branch info.
469 Nguyen Huu Tho (Lotte Mart 3rd floor), Dist 7, HCMC
☎ +84-8-3775-3057
China 樂天利(北京) 餐飮管理有限公司 NO.1, WANGJING PHYSICAL
☎ 84-8-824-3866
Indonesia PT.Lotteria&AJBS Lingkar Luar Selatan Kay 5&6,
Ciracas Jakarta13750, Lotte Mart
☎ 070-4979-9418
Burger King Japan BURGERKING JAPAN CO.,LTD TSK Building 2F 2-19-2
Sasazuka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0073 Japan
☎ +81-3378-8011