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Lotte Asahi

Lotte Asahi image
Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Asahi Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
  • Date of
    July 11, 2000
  • Major business
    Wholesale of imported liquor (beer, whiskey, wine)
  • Address
    (Sincheon-dong) 6F, World Tower Bldg.,
    558, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
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About us

Lotte Asahi, which has inherited Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s subsidiary Hi Star in 2007, is a general liquor company importing and selling more than 300 types of wine, cheongju, whiskey, vodka, and gin from all over the world.
Our hit product Asahi beer has secured an undisputed reputation in the Japanese market for its excellent taste and quality, while rising to take the third largest share in the domestic imported beer market.
From here on, we will continue to launch products that fulfill our customers’ needs, while building a strategic brand, constructing a prominent sales network, and nurturing world-class talents to rise as the leader of Korea’s imported liquor industry.

Major products and services
    A taste that makes you sink in deeper, ASAHI SUPER DRY Asahi Super Dry is world’s first dry (light) beer made in 1987, which has since acquired a name as Japan’s No.
    1 beer. The Super Dry blend allows for an even longer fermentation that almost completely evaporates the sugar to present a light flavor, while using the ‘draft’ label to emphasize our lack of heat processing. Having won acclaim from beer lovers worldwide for its sophisticated and clean taste, our Asahi Super Dry is being widely enjoyed in over 40 countries.
    GLENGOYNE SINGLE MALT WHISKY The Glengoyne Single Malt Whiskey is a representative malt whiskey blend from the southern highland region of Scotland. We use only the highest quality wheat, also coined the "Golden Promise," which enables us to produce malt whiskeys with a truly gratifying flavor and aroma.
  • KANOKA soju
    KANOKA soju Kanoka soju uses quality yeast for our brewing and distilling processes. Kanoka is a mixed soju drink that combines diluted and distilled soju, which offers a refreshing, dignified aroma.
  • Kizakura products / Aioi Unibio products
    Kizakura products Using independently developed yeasts to maximize the aroma and flavor, Kizakura is set to rise as a first-grade alcohol that stands apart from rival cheongju products in the same price range. We also offer the traditional flavor and aroma of sake by using traditional brewing methods
    Aioi Unibio products Based on our 130 years of tradition, we recreate the traditional taste and aroma of sake based on our advanced system and Japanese wine fermentation method. We strive to deliver the mild flavor of cheonju to our consumers by implementing meticulous quality control.