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Lotte Members

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Company Overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Members, Inc.,
  • CEO
  • Date of
    January 5, 2015
  • Major business
    Service, Issuance and management of
    prepaid electronic payment tool
  • Address
    16, Tongil-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Phone
About us

“Loving Your Life!” Lotte Members promises to enrich members’ lives through new values and experiences available whenever, wherever.
Lotte Members is a comprehensive membership system with 32 million members, combining the various infrastructures of Lotte Group and the 40 or so outstanding Lotte Group partners and external partners. Up to 5% of your total purchase amount can be reserved as your Lotte Point whenever you use the services and products of Lotte Members partners, and even 1P can be used like cash with utmost convenience.

In April, 2015, Lotte Point was reborn as L.POINT. L.POINT is the comprehensive Lotte Membership Point system that can be accumulated and used wherever and whenever with greatest convenience. You can be a member of L.POINT in any of the online/offline Lotte Members Partner sites/location. L.POINT has simplified the process of joining it by opting to use the e-mail-as-ID system and implementing the Simple Membership system while also paying attention to customer convenience by enabling login through social media such as Naver and Facebook.

L.POINT boasts automatic point addition upon online/mobile login, easy use of points with the simple entry of a password rather than of the card number, and any member of L.POINT can receive prompt and exact customer service by calling 1899-8900.

Korean customers as well corporations and foreigners can join L.POINT. While foreigners can already accumulate and use L.POINT in Korea, L.POINT is working on building the required system to enable L.POINT accumulation and usage in Lotte Group stores abroad in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, etc. Like this, Lotte Members is going to great lengths to enable the enjoyment of domestic and international Lotte Group lifestyle brands in food, culture, shopping and entertainment all through L.POINT.

Meanwhile, members can also enjoy the various benefits of L.POINT through its mobile application. This enables members to receive real time personalized information and benefits such as coupons and event information that can be used upon entry of partner stores, making it much convenient for customers to use the service.

L.POINT considers “creation of beneficial values for people and the world” as its prime objective and will strive to provide various platforms and benefits so that members can experience the best services whenever, wherever.

Major business poerations

Loyalty Marketing Business, Professional Analysis Service, Marketing Platform Service

Customer service center
Customer service center
Lotte Members, Inc.,Customer Service 16th floor Limkwang Building 81 Tongil-ro Seodaemun-gu Seoul ☎ 1899-8900