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Korea Seven

세계 최고의 편의점 7-ELEVEN
Company overview
  • Company name
    Korea Seven Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    Jung Seoung In
  • Date of
    May 21, 1988
  • Major business
    Wholesale retail convenience store
  • Address
    (Namchang-dong) 3, Sowol-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

7-Eleven, world’s first convenience store serving customers 365 days a year Korea Seven is a joint convenience store venture established by distribution giant Lotte and world’s leading convenience store brand 7-Eleven. Our 7-Eleven brand of 24-hour convenience stores has been creating a new lifestyle in the country and leading the industry since 1989.
We offer the highest profitability in the sector to our franchise owners by implementing the industry’s most accurate business area analysis, high-tech management system, and efficient support system. We are continuously endeavoring to bring greater satisfaction to our customers by improving our product assortments to include fast food and other varieties. We promise to maintain our efforts in strategic product development and profitable franchise operations to compete head-on with other global distributors.

World’s first & best convenience store, 7-Eleven 7-Eleven was born in 1927 at a small ice plant in Dallas, Texas. The company’s initial edge was based on meticulous temperature management, as it used a unique temperate maintenance system to sell fresh food. Through ceaseless development, the company grew into a global chain operating more than 30,000 stores in 18 countries worldwide.

Korea’s convenience store history started with 7-Eleven. Korea Seven inked a Technology Transfer Agreement with the US-based 7-Eleven, Inc. and introduced world’s oldest convenience store brand 7-Eleven to Korea by opening a flagship store in the Olympic Apartment shopping center at Bangi-dong, Songpagu, Seoul, Korea on May 6, 1989. Our bright, fresh shopping space and wide array of products, excellent service, and 24-hour year-round service won the hearts of our customers and allowed us to stand in the forefront of Korea’s convenience store history.

7-Eleven and Buy the Way came under one roof On April 2010, another 24-hour store chain Buy the Way became a member to the global distribution giant, Lotte. Both 7-Eleven and Buy the Way promise to uphold the ethical management principles of the Lotte Group in order to become a beautiful company that brings satisfaction to our customers and franchise owners, maximizes the interests of all interested parties, and fulfills our corporate social responsibilities by returning the love and support we have earned from our customers back to the society.

Major products and services

Logistics, utility fee payment service, photocopying, photo development, laundry service, and marketing of products such as fish cakes and sausages

Korea Seven Offices info.
Seoul office (Namchang-dong) 3, Sowol-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea ☎ 1577-0711