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Lotte Cinema

Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. – Cinema Division
  • CEO
    Cha, Won chun
  • Date of
    September 9, 1999
  • Major business
    Multiplex movie theater, movie distribution and
  • Address
    4F, Lotte Castle Gold, 269, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

Multiplex striving to offer happy cultural experiences Since its establishment in 1999, the multiplex movie theater Lotte Cinema has been exerting the utmost efforts to become a leading multi-cultural complex for movie, shopping, and dining experience. As of 2011, we operate 62 movie theaters and 462 projector screens for the sensual joy of our customers.
Through our distinguished service – ultra-real digital 3D projection tech, the Real-D system; Korea’s first movie theater guide robot, Siromi; smartphone reservation application; world’s first 13.1 channel installation and other advanced digital technology; differentiated facilities; and various customized services – Lotte Cinema has earned the love of customers, which fueled our continuous growth.
Lotte Cinema is also operating high-class cinema Charlotte and artistic movie theater Arte in order to broaden the conventional movie-viewer base, while opening new theaters in China and Vietnam to expedite overseas expansion. Meanwhile, Lotte Entertainment takes charge of investment, distribution, and import/export plans for tens of movies each year. We are planning to further pursue our overseas expansion and investment/distribution efforts, in view of emerging as Asia’s top entertainment company.
Lotte’s near-term strategy is to install 600 screens in 75 Lotte theaters nationwide by 2012 to rise as the industry’s No. 1, while our long-term goal is to become Korea’s leading multiplex chain that can be trusted to spread joy and fun to our customers.

Lotte Cinema Inside image1 Lotte Cinema Inside image2 Lotte Cinema Inside image3 Lotte Cinema Inside image4
Special cinemas
  • Charlotte image

    High-class palatial cinema offering
    luxury service and highest comforts,

  • Arte image

    Art theater for enthusiasts of unique,
    rare, and diverse movies, “Arte”

  • Prestige image

    Comfy movie-viewing space with
    luxurious seats and convenient side
    tables, “Prestige”

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