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Lotte Supermarket

신선한 상품 정다운 이웃 LOTTE super
Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. – Supermarket Division
  • CEO
    Choi Choon Seok
  • Date of
    May 16, 2001
  • Major business
  • Address
    3F, 4F, Lotte Castle Gold, 269, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us

Korea’s top neighborhood supermarket delivering freshness Since opening of its first branch in 2001, Lotte Supermarket has been realizing rapid growth through aggressive expansion and bold M&As. As of now, we operate 140 stores nationwide, which enabled us to gain the top rank in the industry for the number of franchise branches.
Lotte Supermarket takes a differentiated approach from other supermarket chains, by striving to become a friendly neighborhood shopping mart stocked with daily necessities of local residents, as well as fresh produce/livestock products and fair-priced commodities. We also offer a unique one-stop service that allows for phone orders and free deliveries.
Based on the most advanced information system and distribution methods, we have been expanding outside of the conventional bounds of supermarkets, opening mini downtown franchises and experimenting with new concepts. Also, we strive to fulfill the wide variety of consumer needs by offering PB products, low-priced packaging products, and farmer’s markets.

Lotte Supermarket Inside image1 Lotte Supermarket Inside image2

Differentiated products of Lotte Supermarket, PB products PB (Private Brand) products are developed and distributed by Lotte to offer the same quality yet low-priced alternatives to general brands.

  • Wiselect logo
    This is a joint PB of Lotte Shopping, and the brand name is derived from the words ‘Wise’ and ‘Select’ to indicate wise choices. We offer the same quality products at an average of 15% discounted price.
  • Owolmokga logo
    [Owolmokga (Pastoral poem in May)]
    This is an independent PB of Lotte Supermarket’s fresh food division, and our name stands for our commitment to “always offer fresh food like May” to our consumers. We provide fresh, sweetness-guaranteed, and convenient products.
  • Pournier logo
    We operate a brand by unifying the packaging design of general fresh food products within the Lotte Supermarket stores, to offer the utmost freshness to our customers.
  • Tender Korean beef cattle of Jiri Mt. logo
    [Tender Korean beef cattle of Jiri Mt.]
    High-class meat brand offering quality products supplied by 50~60 superior farms of 8 cities and districts in Jeollanamdo Province.
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