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Lotte himart.com

Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Himart Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    Lee Dongwoo
  • Date of
    December 20, 1999
  • Major business
    Retailing of home appliances
  • Address
    156, Samseong-no, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Daechi-dong)
  • Phone
About us

The no. 1 electronic distribution business Lotte Himart is the no. 1 electronic distribution business that operates about 440 directly managed stores nationwide. As a home appliance-specialized store of Lotte Himart, Himart has led the domestic home appliance industry in Korea since its establishment in 1999. With a variety of products from all over the world, its nationwide network, 11 distribution centers, and service centers are providing distinguished and unique service for the customers.

The strength of Himart can be found in the ‘stores,’ ‘products,’ and ‘people.’ It offers excellent accessibility as about 440 stores are available nationwide while enabling convenient one-stop shopping for the customers to compare and purchase products from various brands offered in a store. Especially, customers can test and compare the features of mobile, IT, and PC products in the stores. Moreover, it is equipped with the most extensive product range in the domestic electronic distribution industry. Not only top-leading buyers in the industry but also manufacturers of home appliances from all over the world are sourcing more than 15 thousand products. Most of all, the core competence of Himart is excellent human resource specialized in distribution. When visiting the store, the ‘sales masters’ who are professional consultants equipped with extensive product knowledge and friendly-spirit are welcoming the customers. Started from 2003, the qualification of ‘the sales master’ was officially authorized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for the first time in the domestic distribution industry. Along with this system, the ‘hospitality school’ that is a kindness education adopted to maximize customer satisfaction is being operated while granting qualification of ‘hospitality master’ through the course.

  Lotte Himart is proposing the model of future distribution industry as a customer-centered distribution channel through differentiated products and based on the distribution infrastructure of the competitive Lotte, it will repeat its growth towards the future. Meanwhile, it will further expand its market share in the domestic home appliance market and develop into a powerful growth engine in mobile and online businesses. Moreover, it plans to actively seek overseas promotion as a globalized electronic distribution business.