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FRL Korea

Company overview
  • Company name
    FRL Korea Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    HONG Sungho
  • Date of
    December 16, 2004
  • Major business
  • Address
    5F, UNIQLO, 19, Myeongdong 8na-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
About us
UNIQLO image

Global SPA brand UNIQLO FRL Korea is a joint venture between FAST RETAILING and Lotte Shopping, established in 2004, that currently operates as the brand manager for the global SPA brand UNIQLO. Since our launch in 2005 at the Lotte Department Store and Lotte Mart, we have been expanding to operate a total of 68 stores nationwide as of Mar. 2012.
Our quick-response management system, basic design, practical global production system, and meticulous customer-centered merchandising and marketing structure enable us to bring fashionable, high-quality basic casual wear at the lowest price for everyone, everywhere.

Global casual brand UNIQLO, providing good casual wear to everyone “UNIQLO is a global brand that enables everyone to enjoy a good casual wear.” We supply high-quality basic casual wear for everyone everywhere at the lowest market price. In order to enable such system, we will strictly operate at low costs, connect the production and sales in the most prompt and economical way, and realize utmost customer service by thoroughly studying the needs of our customers. We are confident that our dedicated efforts will spur rapid growth in sales and profits, and elevate us into a global casual brand.


UNIQLO ideals and principles

On customers Our customers, not the CEO, have the biggest say here at UNIQLO. We believe that we can grow as a globally proud brand only when we are being recognized as the top in the mind of each customer, and that consensus snowballs to take form.

On society The result is not the only index for company evaluation. We engage in an extensive range of company-wide activities led by our Society, Environment Activity Offices to fulfill our share of contribution to the society.

On products We will supply good products at low prices with honesty. Our belief in serving with sincerity knows no bounds. UNIQLO steadfastly endeavors to become a casual apparel brand for everyone, transcending nationality, class, profession, educational background, age, gender, and all other distinctions used for classifying people into separate categories. We aim to manufacture clothes that act as perfected parts, enabling them to be selected by customers having their own unique styles. We strive to create fashionable basic items by listening to our customers’ needs and conducting thorough research

100% control by directly connecting production and sales We have linked all our administration/technology/design/merchandising/marketing/shop operations and put them under 100% company control in a supply chain management system.

- Designs and patterns that sincerely reflect customer demands and company ideals We have established a design research center to improve our product development capacity. We are extensively developing UNIQLO-unique items by introducing fashionable colors and condensed basic styles for each season.

Developing price-competitive factors and materials Low cost production in China creates added value. Since our materials procurement from China is fairly large, we benefit from hefty savings. Moreover, direct negotiations between headquarters and materials manufacturers help stabilize the supplies for both manufacturers and FR, which further brings down the materials-related production cost. Meanwhile, we are also collaborating with the world’s leading textile makers for new product development in order to differentiate our product lineup by offering functional textile materials.

Realizing high capital efficiency through outsourcing We flexibly cope with changes by outsourcing unnecessary processes (factory facilities, factory labor, distribution facilities, shop facilities, etc.) and taking charge of operations/management only in the final output.

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