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Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store image
Company overview
  • Company name
    Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    Lee Won Joon
  • Date of
    November 15, 1979
  • Major business
    Department store, discount store, packaging
    material, food processing, sales
  • Address
    30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
  • Fax
About us

Rising beyond Korea’s No. 1 to grow into Asia’s leading global distribution corporation Lotte Department Store is Korea’s undisputed leader in department store chains, operating a
number of department stores, Young Plaza, and outlets in major cities across Korea. Since the
opening of our flagship store in 1979, we have led the progress of Korea’s distribution industry
by offering classy shopping environment, quality merchandise, superior service, and advanced
distribution system. During the past three decades, we have grown as Korea’s leading
distribution firm in terms of size, sales, and service.
We have been striving to provide topnotch service in all our branches under our customer-first
management principles, while our cultural and convenience facilities have established our
department stores as trend-leading multi-complexes.
We are committed to nurturing future professionals in the industry by offering company-wide
support on university and graduate school education, while also making new grounds in
customer service-related R&D.
We pledge to carry on our efforts of expansion, new discoveries of business principles, and
advanced projects. Since 2007, we have advanced into the global markets such as Russia and
China, and we plan to penetrate new markets in Vietnam and India in order to rise as Asia’s
first-rate global distribution firm.

Young Plaza and exclusive mall Avenuel The Lotte town in Myeong-dong – consisting of the headquarters of Lotte Department Store,
Young Plaza and exclusive shopping mall Avenuel – is known as Myeong-dong’s finest culture-
shopping hub. The Young Plaza consists of over 120 fashion brands catering to the younger
generation, and its contemporary architecture, modern interior and fusion food courts have
enabled it to become a core fashion center for Korea’s younger generation. Avenuel, a fashion
trendsetter with more than 60 designer labels, has been solidifying its reputation as Korea’s
leading high-end designer shopping mall since its opening in March 2005.

A new multi-complex concept Lotte Department Store is a multi-complex that offers not only shopping services but also daily
services for the family’s rest and enjoyment. To that end, we operate cultural centers, galleries,
event halls, customer service offices, infant restrooms, convenience facilities for the
handicapped, spacious parking lots, wedding halls, hair salons, and a wide range of services
for our customers’ needs.

Inside the Lotte Department Store Photo
Nationwide branches (48 branches)

Including 10 branches in Seoul (headquarters, Jamsil, Youngdeungpo, Cheongnyangni, Gwanak, Gangnam, and Nowon), the Lotte Department Store has a nationwide chain of stores in core metropolitan cities of Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Ulsan, Incheon, Daejeon, and Jeonju. Our 48 franchises as of 2014 also include stores in Bundang, Bupyeong, Ilsan, Anyang, Pohang, and Changwon.

Nationwide branches (48 branches) info
Main ☎ 02-771-2500 Jamsil ☎ 02-411-2500
Youngdeungpo ☎ 02-2632-2500 Cheongyangni ☎ 02-3707-2500
Gangnam ☎ 02-531-2500 Nowon ☎ 02-950-2500
Mia ☎ 02-944-2500 Gwanak ☎ 02-833-2500
Starcity ☎ 02-2218-2500 Gimpo Airport ☎ 02-6116-2500
Ilsan ☎ 031-909-2500 Incheon ☎ 032-450-2500
Bupyeong ☎ 032-320-7114 Jungdong ☎ 031-909-2500
Anyang ☎ 031-463-2500 Pyeongchon ☎ 031-450-2500
Ansan ☎ 031-412-2500 Bundang ☎ 031-738-2500
Guri ☎ 031-550-7114 Suwon ☎ 031-8066-2500
Busan ☎ 051-810-2500 Gwangbok ☎ 051-678-2500
Centum City ☎ 051-730-2500 Dongnae ☎ 051-605-2500
Ulsan ☎ 052-960-2500 Changwon ☎ 055-279-2500
Daegu ☎ 053-660-2500 Sangin ☎ 053-258-2500
Pohang ☎ 054-230-1000 Gwangju ☎ 062-221-1000
Jeonju ☎ 063-289-2500 Daejeon ☎ 042-601-2500
Young Plaza ☎ 02-771-2500 Young Plaza-Cheongju ☎ 043-219-2500
Young Plaza-Daegu ☎ 053-609-2500 WorldTower ☎ 02-3213-2500
Seoul Station ☎ 02-6965-2500 GoYang Terminal ☎ 031-936-2500
Cheongju ☎ 043-717-2500 Buyeo ☎ 041-435-2500
Gwangju WorldCup ☎ 062-606-2500 Gwangju Suwan ☎ 062-616-2500
Daegu Yulha ☎ 053-960-2500 Esia Polis ☎ 053-945-2500
Paju ☎ 031-960-2500 Icheon ☎ 031-777-2500
Gimhae ☎ 055-900-2500 GwangMyeong ☎ 02-6226-2500
Lotte Shopping Family Site
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