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The core value of Lotte is the rule of success of Lotte that has been developed continuously in lots of difficulties meanwhile. These values that have recognized the repeated success can be called 'our own success DNA'.

  • Customer focus

    We identify clearly what our customers want and provide the best products and services in the honest manner to obtain the trust from customer

    Action guidelines
    1.We identify clearly what our customers want in the position of customer.
    2.We provide products and services more than expectation based on the understanding for customers.
    3.We must keep a promise with our customers.
    4.We are always honest to our customers and if problem occurs, will respond in the first priority.
  • Originality

    We create the differentiated value and new business opportunity through ceaseless innovation and development of new ideas.

    Action guidelines
    1.We develop even a small idea to create new value.
    2.We make an organization culture that gives a praise and encouragement for new challenge even if it failed.
    3.With creative perspectives, we provide customers with Lotte’s differentiated products and services.
    4.We always ask ‘Why?’ and look at the business in new point of view and pursue the innovation.
  • Partnership

    We do our duties to increase the mutual profits based on the trust between the interested parties, and create the whole synergy of the Group.

    Action guidelines
    1.We pursue the mutual profits (Win-Win) with customers and partner companies.
    2.We create a creative labor-management culture based on trust and cooperation.
    3.We develop the cooperation relation in the long term point of view.
    4.We cooperate to the direction to increase the whole synergy of the Group other than individual profit.
  • Responsibility

    We always conduct our business in the honest manner and fulfill the social responsibility of enterprise, devoting to the development of society as follows.

    Action guidelines
    1.We perform our business voluntarily and autonomously with ownership.
    2.We perform our business based on the legal, ethical and social standards.
    3.We immediately contact our clients and partners when problems occur and seek the solution to the problem.
    4.We sincerely fulfill the social responsibilities of a company.
  • Passion

    We with the following  challenging spirit that makes the impossible things possible and the strong will that we should be the best specialists in the industry, we do conduct our business

    Action guidelines
    1.We aim at the goals that are not easy to achieve.
    2.We promote the business with challenging spirit and passion that make the impossible things possible.
    3.We develop expertise and technology through continuous learning.
    4.We continuously make our endeavors with the firm will to be the best.