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The management policy of Lotte means the standard of organization that the executives of the company must comply with when they make the existing business grow and develop more and unfold new business. All the leaders of Lotte who are responsible for the management, should select and unfold the business according to this management policy in order to accomplish the vision.

- Selection standard for business and strategy / Principle of Management Activities

  • Transparency Management

    We increase the transparency for management status and financial performance by enhancing the internal monitoring and control device.

    Practical guidelines
    1.We establish a system that our stakeholders can understand clearly all management status of the company.
    2.We disclose the management information of the company correctly and operate a decision-making transparently.
    3.We enhance the board of directors and operate a committee for transparent management.
  • Enhancement of Core Capabilities

    We secure the best competitiveness in core business and extend our business to the related business.

    Practical guidelines
    1.We recognize our strength correctly and share it clearly.
    2.We focus on the core business that we can do best.
    3.We extend our business to the related business that enables to provide the differentiated value of Lotte and create the synergy.
  • Field Management

    We identify the opinions in the field continuously and reflect them in the business strategy.

    Practical guidelines
    1.We evaluate the business progress status through direct communication in the field with customer, executives, partner companies and accept their opinions.
    2.We reflect the ideas suggested from the field in the management strategy rapidly.
    3.If any problem or issue occurs, we always find the solution in the field.
  • Cultivating people of talent

    We recruit the talented people and cultivate them as talented global human resource (HR) equipped with best capabilities.

    Practical guidelines
    1.We tap into talented global human resource(HR) with passions and responsibilities to lead the future growth of the Group.
    2.We cultivate them as top level specialists in industry/region/job through systematic training and career development.
    3.We establish an organization culture that the excellent human resources can achieve their peak capabilities.
  • Brand Management

    We jump up to global premium brand through best customer satisfaction and customer reliability.

    Practical guidelines
    1.We provide the differentiated products and services to increase the original brand value.
    2.We make a decision in the view of increasing the brand value of Lotte in the long term.
    3.We cultivate the representative brand that leads the global market.