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The global business group that creates the happy life of mankind Lotte is newly challenging towards such ambitious dream.

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Dong-bin Shin Chairman

We will emerge as a global business group.
We will offer satisfaction to customers worldwide with premium products and services.

Since its founding, LOTTE has constantly grown through the passion and efforts of the employees. LOTTE has enriched the lives of customers as a driving force for national economic growth and is bringing about constant innovation instead of resting on its present accomplishments.

LOTTE now aims towards becoming one of Asia’s TOP 10 Global Business Groups. We are working hard to foster skilled talent and secure differentiated technical capabilities to enhance our competitiveness in each business field, and we are developing localized management by analyzing economic conditions and customer lifestyles in overseas markets. We have dedicated ourselves to activities that contribute to society to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We are also making efforts to achieve growth based on sincere, trusting partnerships while developing a range of support activities for win-win growth.

LOTTE is a valued name, beloved by customers worldwide. We improve the quality of life of our customers with premium products and differentiated services, enhancing corporate brand value through our many social contributions. We would like to thank all of you who have continued to care about us and express interest in LOTTE’s efforts.