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The global business group that creates the happy life of mankind Lotte is newly challenging towards such ambitious dream.


Kyuk-Ho Shin General Chairman

We will continue to grow and develop,
emerging as a key global conglomerate representing Asia to the world.

LOTTE started out with the dream of becoming a company that contributes to the national and social development. For over 40 years since the foundation of LOTTE Confectionery, LOTTE has grown stably in various fields such as foods, retail, tourism, petrochemicals, construction, and finance, contributing to Korea’s economic development and enriching customers’ lives. LOTTE continues to take on challenges focused on stable internal management and the creation of new avenues of growth.

We have established a new vision of becoming one of the TOP 10 Global Business Groups of Asia and have actively pursued expansion into markets worldwide by enhancing core capabilities. With differentiated quality and services that satisfy customers, LOTTE will expand its overseas businesses, which have been concentrated on Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, China, and India, and will grow to become a global corporation representing Asia.

Moreover, LOTTE will not neglect its social responsibilities. It works to help those in need, to share with others, and to make the world a happier place. LOTTE will be dedicated to gaining and keeping the respect and love of the general public, customers, and stockholders, staying faithful to ethical management, win-win management, and green management.

All LOTTE employees will do their best to achieve these goals by taking on the challenges we face with passion and dedication. LOTTE will grow into a key global conglomerate of Asia, with customers around the world reaping the benefits. We look forward to your continued support as LOTTE makes a powerful move towards becoming a truly global business group. Thank you.